Red Velvet’s Irene apologizes again in regards to attitude controversy, talks about reflection & growth

Red Velvet’s Irene has posted a letter to fans on Lysn, returning to social media following her attitude controversy. In the letter, she reflects on the events that occurred, apologizes again, and resolves to do better moving forward.

Hello. This is Irene. It’s been snowing a lot and got cold out too, are you all doing well? It’s late but I feel nervous to be greeting to you all through a post. First, I wanted to say that I’m sorry for causing so much pain and worry to many people because of my imperfections.
I started my life as a trainee in 2009 at the age of 19, and standing in front of all of you as Red Velvet’s Irene up until now has been everything in my life. As I approached an age that could be seen as both young and old, while living in the small society known as the entertainment world, I wanted to do the best when it came to my work and I thought of achieving that as being the most important task I’ve been given. I thought that I was getting along well with the people around me in my own way, so I didn’t know that my methods of communication or my expressions could become a problem, and I just thought that everyone has different ways of communicating.
Because of what happened, I received a lot of concern and reprimands from the people around me too as well as the public, and through this I gained the time to quietly reflect upon myself. Also, I realized that there were people around me who cherish me, even if it was undeserved, including my members, fans, and staff, and I also realized that I had been able to promote without any issues because of how they looked after me.
Just as one can’t turn back the clock, I’m also working hard to not return to the way I used to be. I realized the weight of words and actions, and I will try to become a more mature person. On top of showing a good side of myself as Red Velvet’s leader and a singer, I will also work hard as the person Bae Joo Hyun to not disappoint you.
I hope that there will no longer be anyone who is criticized because of what happened due to my imperfections. Although it’s late, happy new year.

Certainly a more measured and mature response than how some “yas queen” fans wanted a millionaire treating stylists like peons because they’re mere staff wanted her to handle this mess at least, but I digress.

As far as Irene goes, what went down is not something that should be unforgiveable. So it’s good to see she choose contrition and reflection, as it certainly makes it easier to move forward with minimal negativity. Hopefully she’ll support her words with actions going forward, and there’s no reason to not hope for the best.


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