Boy group KINGDOM lean all the way in to their medieval debut concept for “Excalibur”

Boy group KINGDOM haven’t even debuted yet, but the seven-member group from GF Entertainment they’ve already caught my eye thanks to their concept for their “Excalibur” debut. I initially noticed how over-the-top the lean-in was for the medieval concept last week, but the music video teaser surely cements it.

KINGDOM will debut on February 18 and consists of DannArthurMujinLouisIvanJahan, and Chiwoo. Yes, three of them are named Arthur, Louis, and Ivan, I assume after medieval figures, and now my only disappointment is they didn’t lean all the way in and name them all after a figure connected to that era.

Judging by the look, I’m not sure if the sound will be anything different from the boy groups we’ve been seeing over the last few years. However, what I do appreciate is the change in pace in terms of the concept, where it kinda gets back to the corniness and campiness of K-pop in a good way. At the very least, it’s certainly attention grabbing.


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