Yunho’s “Thank U” mini-movie MV is basically his audition for gangster roles

Yunho will forever by a legend in K-pop for being a apart of TVXQ, but how he’ll be remembered as an actor is far from determined. Though he started out as one of the worst offenders in making idol-actor a slanderous label, he’s since worked his way back to respectability.

How is this related to his latest solo single, “Thank U”? Well, honestly this seems like more of a audition reel for more serious and/or anti-hero and/or gangster roles than anything else.

It all started with the teaser picture, which immediately gave me gangster role vibes.

That feeling only escalated when the teaser was released and it was cinematic as fuck with him smoking and everything.

Needless to say, the music video didn’t disappoint, basically bringing back the mini-movie concept and having him actually be involved in a criminal underworld storyline.

I mean, the song didn’t have much appeal to me, but I’m not even sure if that was the point. Most importantly, I’m convinced in Yunho Wick, so mission accomplishehd.


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