2AM’s Seulong fined in the case of his fatal car accident involving a pedestrian

2AM’s Seulong was involved in a fatal car accident involving a pedestrian back in August of last year, and it seemed like just an unfortunate incident since the deceased was jaywalking and what not.

For the most part that is still the case, but after video of the incident was released, it certainly didn’t appear so open-and-shut that Seulong’s responsibility was minimal.

Eventually, he was investigated and charged for violating traffic law. Recently it was announced that he will be fined for the accident after having reached a settlement with the deceased pedestrian’s family.

On January 18, sources in the legal profession revealed that Im Seulong was issued a fine of 7 million won (approximately $6,327) as a summary order by the Seoul Western District Court on January 13. A summary order refers to a decision made by the court after reviewing documents, without holding a formal trial. If Im Seulong wishes to challenge the fine, he may request a formal trial within a week of receiving the summary order.

After considering factors such as the fact that Im Seulong had come to an agreement with the family of the deceased, the prosecution had issued a summary indictment on the charge of violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Settlement of Traffic Accidents.

Not sure what the settlement was, but the cost was surely worth not having a drawn-out litigation over this for Seulong and resolving the situation legally with just a fine.


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