[Review] Dreamcatcher’s “Odd Eye” delivers one of their most memorable melodies

As the years have gone by, Dreamcatcher have kept their rock influence but their fusion sound has definitely hopped around from genre to genre. It’s been hard to argue with the results as they’ve churned out quality singles and albums while witnessing their popularity explode. Yet despite this, they still haven’t truly had their breakout release, and while “Odd Eye” is one of their more downbeat affairs, it could be exactly what they’re looking for.

Quite frankly, the hip-hop and rock concept combined with hints at it being downbeat scared me a bit, as it seemed like straying even further from their root sound. But those concerns evaporated upon hearing the melody of the chorus, which was instantly memorable and surprisingly impactful. In a reversal for Dreamcatcher, it was the pre-chorus that picks up the tempo of the percussion hits and builds to a vocal peak by Siyeon, while the chorus itself actually gears down a bit. Yet it still works, primarily because of the loop of two deliberate guitar hits followed by a descending guitar riff that draws influence from like Black Sabbath and/or Led Zeppelin (with Timbaland stuttered rhythm) for an almost retro feel. The underlying beat of the chorus and the more aggressive use of electric guitar help modernize it, and along with the requisite vocal runs, it has all the hallmarks of a standout melody.

Usually my favorite Dreamcatcher choruses are ones that leap out at you and explode forth with energy after an almost ethereal build, but the rhythm and groove of the melody here just burrows itself in your ear and the flourishes provides the necessary flair.

The verses are more of a mixed bag, specifically the second one, and of course my biggest issue is the transition into a trap-esque break with a disported vocal effects. Fortunately they gave that about four hits and quickly threw it into the trash and let things continue on more naturally. That’s two songs in a row now that have had verses a bit messy feeling, and perhaps deserves monitoring. That makes Handong’s return in particular even more pivotal and notable, as she is a welcome addition that handles the low-mid range parts of the verses and bridges well and excels here to get this through rough patches and help “Odd Eye” finish strong.

While none of Dreamcatcher’s singles have been anything less than above average, their elite-tier singles are obviously rarer. Only time will tell if the replayability factor of “Odd Eye” gets it into that tier, but the impression I’m left with at the moment is hopeful because despite letting off the gas a little for this comeback, they’ve low-key created one of their most memorable, oddly groovy melodies yet and that figures to pay off in the long haul.


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Thot Leader™