P-Goon (ex-TOPP DOGG) & Yumin (ex-Rania) guest on ‘We Are Divorced’, which is predictably messy

While simpleton networks like Mnet try to manufacture drama through editing, TV Chosun has figured out a way to cut through the fat and ensure mess on their programing through their show We Are Divorced.

As the name implies, it’s a show about celebs who got divorced, basically going through marriage counseling after the fact … except without a counselor and sharing to the public what surely should be handled behind closed doors.

What could go wrong?!

Hey, why not start off with an idol couple, right? Former Topp Dogg member P-Goon and former Rania member Yumin took center stage two years after the divorce.

Things got messy quickly when even in the intros it’s revealed that P-Goon is basically not helping with their child.

First, the two former idols held personal interviews with the crew of ‘We Are Divorced’. Yoo Min, who is raising their son Min Hyuk on her own, opened up about their first encounter. “[Park Se Hyuk] confessed to me on the day that we met. We dated for about a year, got married, and had a baby right away.” On the other hand, Park Se Hyuk reflected on the topic of their marriage. “I think things went wrong as soon as we got married. Both of our families were the types to not back down against the other. Yoo Min’s mother is very intimidating. Every word she says has a thorn in it.” 

They also bring in the family for added mess.

Kim Yoo Min’s mother also appeared with her daughter to share her input. When asked about Park Se Hyuk, Yoo Min’s mother said, “On TV, he dared to call me his ‘mother-in-law’. I about blew my fuse. How can he not once ask to see the baby, after the divorce?” In addition, Kim Yoo Min stated that Park Se Hyuk was not there for her during her pregnancy, and that her parents were the only ones who helped her through it. She recalled that Park Se Hyuk resided in her parents’ home for about 2 weeks, but they soon began living separately. 

Honestly man, I know it’s tradition and culture, but living with your spouse’s parents seems like hell as well and could lead to a lot of conflict. It’s just more relationships that has to work smoothly on a living together level, which many simply wouldn’t survive.

All this happens before they actually meet, by the way.

They talked seriously about their son Min Hyuk, as Kim Yoo Min asked, “Don’t you have anything you want to know about Min Hyuk?” Park Se Hyuk responded, “On his birthday, I wanted to call but I had a feeling I would not be welcome. It felt uncomfortable.”

Eventually, Yoo Min couldn’t help but blow up, thinking about their complicated past. She said, “The last time you saw Min Hyuk was on his first birthday. When I was staying at home and couldn’t move because of the pregnancy, you never even helped me once. We fought so much then, remember? You think that our divorce was because we were living in my parents’ house, but that wasn’t what it was for me.” The issues were complicated for Park Se Hyuk as well, as he recalled, “There were things I needed to do, but [Yoo Min’s parents] were doing everything, and it was kind of like I didn’t have a place… I’m definitely the father, but it somehow feels like they took him. There is no place for me there.” Seeing the young couple shedding tears of frustration, MC Shin Dong Yup remarked, “It’s not necessarily that one side did wrong and the other side did right. No one did wrong, but no one did right either.”


Though I realize the show likely doesn’t want to put absolute fault on one parry or another because that would likely not make others agree to come on, it’s hard to sympathize with the guy who effectively abandoned his kid because he felt uncomfortable.


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