(G)I-DLE impressively fail ASMR concept of ‘After ZZZ’ before it starts + members in CLC’s Sorn’s vlog with Elkie

(G)I-DLE made an appearance on the idol ASMR show ‘After ZZZ’ and the English title of “Cute (G)I-DLE’s ASMR variety show! (Loud!)” is simultaneously informative and a spoiler regarding how the ASMR part of things went.

Then again, it’s not really a spoiler if they fail the challenge part of the show before it even begins. Impressive.

Things went about as expected and designed.

A fun video, so I hope 90% of the comments aren’t inter-fandom arguing at least.

As a bonus, here’s a video from CLC’s Sorn’s YouTube channel, with Yuqi, Minnie, Shuhua, and Elkie (ex-CLC).

Minnie the punching bag for the sake of content. A true warrior. I want the uncensored version of this, tho.


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