GFRIEND’s Sowon under fire for pictures of her caressing & hugging Nazi mannequin

GFRIEND’s Sowon has recently come under fire for pictures she uploaded to Instagram in which she appears to lovingly caresses and hugs a mannequin … a Nazi one.

For reasons that should be obvious, she deleted the post quickly after a ton of backlash. As far as the circumstances that led to those almost surreal photos, it was reportedly a set they filmed a VCR for GFRIEND’s Walpurgis Night album comeback show, though the exact location is unknown.

Also, they can’t really use the excuse of ignorance (aside from everybody in Korea knowing about WW2) of what it represented as shown by an old V Live interaction.

Yeah, I dunno, fandoms always surprise me with their excuses, but this one seems pretty clear in terms of it being horrible, and at the very least terrible judgment that deserves to be addressed.

Thankfully it does seem like most agree that it’s quite blatantly fucked up and that affiliating yourself with Nazis in any positive way is indeed terrible, so hopefully it’ll be addressed sooner than later and personally.


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