Source Music apologizes for GFRIEND’s Sowon’s Nazi mannequin controversy

Earlier today, GFRIEND’s Sowon posted and then deleted two pictures from her Instagram caressing and hugging a Nazi mannequin, which went over about as well as could be expected. Now her company Source Music has issued an apology.

Hello, this is Source Music.
We would like to sincerely apologize for causing controversy with the behind the scenes VCR of GFRIEND’s comeback show and the photo uploaded by Sowon.
In November 2020, a staff from an external broadcast station rented out a cafe in Paju to shoot the VCR for GFRIEND’s comeback show. Our staff also filmed video there for our behind the scenes clips and photos for the members’ social media.
The staff member in charge did not recognize there was an issue with the mannequin’s attire during the on-site inspection carried out on the day of the filming. Since then, a behind the scenes video was uploaded on December 12, and a picture was uploaded on January 31, and both underwent internal inspection before being released, but they were uploaded without the problem being noticed.
We apologize that we were not able to check in advance that there were inappropriate props at the filming location, for not thoroughly inspecting the filming process and uploading the content, and not paying enough close attention to societal issues and historical facts. We would like to bow our heads in apology to those who may have felt uncomfortable with the video and picture.
The problematic parts of the video have been corrected. Sowon was also very surprised to learn about the meaning of the photo, and deleted it immediately. She feels deeply responsible for posting such a photo.
We will make sure to note how the content we produce and share can affect many people, and pay attention to social issues more in the future.
Once again, we sincerely to those who may have been hurt by the photo or video.

Yeah, this was the only realistic course of action. I’m not sure how anybody impacted by this feels about the apology, but while it does explain what happened in detail, it kinda seems like it skimps on the details of what exactly the problem was and why she needed to apologize.


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