‘Sing Again’ – Episodes 6-7: Idols begin to show out as the cream rises to the top + Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” reimagined

The first three episodes of ‘Sing Again’ were auditions that whittled down the number of contestants, and the next two featured head-to-head team competitions. These two episodes now also feature head-to-head battles, but they are mostly individual with some team stuff thrown in. Mostly the cream of the crop is left in one aspect or another, or in some cases, though any remaining fat is gonna get trimmed at this juncture.


Note: There are no English subtitles, but you can get the gist of the show watching episodes without them and JTBC are posting clips and performances on JTBC Entertainment and JTBC Voyage on YouTube.


Gonna stick with the same format as previous recap for usability reasons and also to focus more on enjoying the performances than the competition. Here are my picks for the notable contestants, listed in the order they appear on the show. I also posted the song they are covering below their performance.


IMFACT’s Taeho (#37) – Kim Hyun Sik’s “Spring Summer Autumn Winter” – 8 Votes – Wins & Advances

Ladies’ Code’s Sojung (#11) – Shin Hae Chul’s “Jazz Cafe” – 6 Votes – Wins & Advances

Sunny Hill’s JuB (#42) & Soya (#69) – Nami’s “Like An Indian Doll” – 2 Votes – Loses & Eliminated

Choi Ye Geun (#23) & 415 (#32) – Infinite Track’s “To You” – 6 Votes – Wins & Advances

Lee Seung Yoon (#30) – Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” – 3 Votes – Loses & Saved

Crayon Pop’s ChoA (#59) & TINY-G’s J.Min (#67) – Jung Soora’s “Joy” – 2 Votes – Loses But #59 Saved

Han Seung Yoon (#17) & Seo Young Joo (#26) – Kona’s “Our Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day” – 6 Votes – Wins & Advances

Jung Hong Il (#29) – Deulgukhwa’s “Please” – 7 Votes – Wins & Advances


While the idols quietly advanced in the last cuts, this time I feel like they generally showcased themselves well.

IMFACT’s Taeho has been a real breakout star of this. I had zero idea IMFACT had a member like this and he’s easily the most well-rounded member on the show. Dude probably has more in mind, but he seems built for musicals, honestly. Sojung is carving out a nice career for herself as a ballad singer here. I know most people knew she was a solid singer, but she is standing and trading blows with vets and not blinking.

JuB and Soya get extra credit for throwing in T-ara and Wonder Girls signature dances. Unfortunately, they were up against a buzzsaw of a team in Choi Ye Geun and 451, who hahve put forth some of the most impressive performance, vocals, and arrangements so far.Crayon Pop’s ChoA and TINY-G’s J.Min absolutely killed their cover of what is, by the way, an absolute retro bop. But they were up against the duo of Han Seung Yoon and Seo Young Joo, so only ChoA was able to advance. Think it was the right choice given even they knew who was better given who was given the core of the song.

Fortunately, it hasn’t gotten overly rewarding of ballads yet, which is where ever fun singing competition in Korea tends to trend because that represents like talent in a “serious” way. That said, I fully expect it to end in that direction, though at least it has provided a ton of diverse fun to this point.


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