German radio host Matthias Matuschik makes racist comments about BTS, station issues “apology” that misses the point

As the mass of bullying allegations takes over Korean entertainment news, a German radio station host decided to throw racism in the mix, with Matthias Matuschik making various dogshit remarks about BTS.

An account dedicated to anti-Asian discrimination in Germany tweeted about the incident, which a normal person probably would’ve seen as a sign that they’ve fucked up, but he then replied with what made it far worse.

Leaving aside the fact that his comparison between Milli Vanilli and Kevin Spacey is extremely stupid, he misses the point, thinking this is just about his take on BTS.

The account against discrimination proceeds to responds by correctly calling him out for ignoring the point, and then skewers his silly logic.

After an understandable mass of backlash, a mealy-mouthed statement was released.

Yeah, no. I always defend people who get harassed, doxed, or whatever else just for expressing an opinion on K-pop as music or idols or the industry. That’s always fair game to me for obvious reasons.

But this is just him being a racist piece of shit, and doing stuff like relating BTS to COVID-19 is especially vile with all the anti-Asian hate that’s spreading around the world at the moment. The fact that he responded to an anti-Asian discrimination group and completely ignored that aspect of this is especially telling, as is him addressing his apology to BTS fans. Because while, yes, he’s being a dick to BTS, it goes beyond them and onto fostering even greater hate and violence onto Asians at a time when that’s the last thing we need. I dunno if I’m being sensitive or whatever, as I usually probably tolerate more than I should, but given that my Asian-American news feed is full of Asians being attacked, I’m done with this shit, man.


They have since made separate further apologies.


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