BTOB’s Peniel puts spotlight on rise in racism & attacks on Asian-Americans

BTOB’s Peniel recently used his platform recently to bring attention to the increase in attacks on Asian-Americans in recent weeks. Though people have only started to speak out now, it has been an issue since the COVID-19 pandemic due to people blaming China for the outbreak and thus to racists just everybody who looks remotely Asian.

Others have recently started to speak up about this to bring attention to the issue.

For those who keep track of Asian-American news, this isn’t much of a surprise, as these incidents spiked hard within a couple months after the pandemic truly got messy, so I’m happy at least some people are starting to speak out. That said, kinda disappointed to see the lack of concern over this from Asian entertainers, I know other Asian-Americans in the industry have brought it up and like Year Of The Ox did a hit on it a while back, but it’s something that impacts all Asians.

Not sure what I expect to come from this, but honestly anything better than friends saying they’re concerned about letting their parents leave the house would probably be an improvement.


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