Songs You May Have Missed: January 2021

So, January apparently went on forever – not so much for me, as I felt it went by fairly quickly – but I have heard from most people that January felt like a thousand years. Hopefully that energy is behind us now (y’know, as much as it can be), so let’s enjoy some of the good that the first month of 2021 had to offer.

DALsooobin – “Eyes Like Snow”

I always love a lady with strong vocals, and DALsooobin can always be counted on for that. Ballads and I aren’t enemies anymore, but I do still think that if this song were someone else’s it might have bored me.


There’s something distinctly mid-2010s about this track, but that’s exactly my shit so I mean that in the best way possible. Very dance-y, straight up bop.

T1419 – “Butt Out”

Okay, so I am not particularly a huge fan of this song (although I like the chorus and some of the chromatic stuff it does with the vocal line), but T1419 are rookies and I like to talk about new groups when I can. Until next time, kids!

ITZY – “WANNABE (English Ver.)”

Sometimes, when song are translated into other languages they can sound a but off, or the vocals fit awkwardly. Overall, ITZY’s English releases of their current title tracks didn’t feel like that, but Wannabe’s English version is still the best of all.

Saturday – “Only You”

I have no idea why Saturday have had so few releases since they were debuted in 2021, but it seems like a shame for them. This song particularly reminds me of early APink tracks like “I Don’t Know”.



That’s all.

DVWN – “Free Flight”

DVWN has a truly beautiful voice – here and on other songs – and I really hope that getting signed to a big label gives his career the boost he deserves. This song is perfect for long, cold winter nights when things are quiet and calm.

AleXa – “Never Let You Go”

So this is the start of AleXa doing a multiverse thing, where she plays an AI version of herself. This is not my favourite song by her but I love artists trying new things and adding new strings to their bow, so I am absolutely here for this project.


Who cares if this song is basically a commercial? It’s a BOP and it’s the kind of fun track I deserve as a person who listens to a lot of stuff I don’t like in order to curate monthly playlists.

KISU – “Boy”

Sometimes you need something soft and sweet to listen to, and Kisu delivers exactly that here.

HAEDEUN – “Inhale”

This is my favourite song on this playlist, because it’s just…so beautiful. Haedeun’s vocals are gorgeous and haunting and I really think this song is perfect.

Park Se Eun – “Soon”

There’s so much about this song that’s just lovely; it has really nice early spring vibes, which might seem like an odd choice for so early in the year – but I think we’re all in need of that.

Motte – “A Girl With Street Light”

Another gorgeous, dark song with haunting vocals – love that for me.

bobae – “onoff”

Dreamy, quiet, and minimal. Made its way to my personal playlist immediately.

Seo Actor & Dept ft. Ashley Alisha – “Eternal Sunshine”

This track, to me, feels a lot like an OST for a drama – mostly because of the orchestration. Very sweet, excellent vocals from Ashley.

roon – “You in my memories”

Something about the production on roon’s mini is a little bit off – her vocals feel very quiet in parts, and sort of buried in the mix of the other layers? It’s really a shame, because she has a great voice and it’s a good mini. Either way, I’m happily waiting for more from her.

…and that’s it! As always, let me know which tracks you liked during January, and happy listening!

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