Soyeon deals with a stalker break-in & Jiyeon attacked by death threats, a hell of day even for T-ara

Because people can’t just leave T-ara alone at this point, it was revealed today that Jiyeon was dealing with death threats and Soyeon faced a stalker breaking into her home. Even going through what they have to this point, that’s a hell of a mess of a day.

Earlier today, news broke that Jiyeon was facing death threats and her company Partners Park said in a statement that they are requesting a police investigation.

This is Jiyeon’s agency Partners Park. Currently, Jiyeon is receiving death threats publicly through Twitter and Instagram from an unidentified person. Our agency is therefore currently collecting all the evidence and has officially requested that the police conduct an investigation, as we consider Jiyeon’s safety to be the highest priority. Also, as we are concerned for Jiyeon, who must be experiencing a large amount of shock mentally, we are committed to ensuring her mental stability as well. Partners Park considers this to be a serious matter and we will make a strong response.

Later on in the day it was reported that a stalker had broken into Soyeon’s home, and that she had been dealing with this for a long time.

Soyeon recently reported a stalker who broke into her house to the police. An investigation by the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul reported that the stalker, who waited outside Soyeon’s house, was charged with trespassing. According to Soyeon, she has been harassed by the stalker for years. They committed acts such as leaving women’s underwear at her home and even threatened her with murder. Soyeon is suffering from extreme fear due to this situation. The police are currently investigation the stalker. In order to protect Soyeon; her agency, Think Entertainment, will be taking strong actions against the stalker.

Not saying I know what the case is here, but one of the consequences of going through what T-ara did is they are gonna be left with more obsessively dedicated fans and more crazy antis than any celebrities with comparable fame, and it always seems like it’s something.

Anyway, obviously I hope it all works out in the end, though authorities haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory when it comes to these kinds of incidents.


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