DSP announces criminal & civil legal action against Hyunjoo (ex-April) and her family over bullying allegations

Following Hyunjoo’s brother responding to DSP Media denials that Hyunjoo was bullied in April, the company announced that they would be taking legal action against Hyunjoo and her family.

Hello, this is DSP Media.
This is our official statement on the controversy about Lee Hyunjoo.
Even after the multiple posts uploaded by Lee Hyunjoo’s family and someone claiming to be her old classmate, the agency fulfilled its duties toward its artist by meeting with Lee Hyunjoo and her mother twice.
Lee Hyunjoo insisted on her one-sided claims that she was the only victim and demanded a statement that was not true. Despite this, the agency wanted to continue discussions with her. But after the person identifying himself as Lee Hyunjoo’s brother uploaded another one-sided post in the early hours of March 3, we determined that the situation could no longer be resolved through dialogue.
The agency has done its best to protect both Lee Hyunjoo and the APRIL members. But from now on, we will be taking strong legal action in both criminal and civil lawsuits against Lee Hyunjoo, as well as her family members and acquaintances who have spread these allegations online.
We apologize to all the fans who love and support our DSP Media artists. We will work toward a solution that will not put to waste the time we have spent together.
Thank you.

Well, I guess that’s one way to respond to allegations that at the very least show you fostered a toxic work environment for teenagers. All this has made me think people should take a closer look at the Kara Project and its aftermath as well.

I suppose DSP really is backed into a corner here, but unless they have something substantial to come back with other than suing, I can’t see how anybody would sympathize with their side anyway.


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