Dreamcatcher reward fans with “Odd Eye” transition version + live band on MBC Mdromeda

Dreamcatcher and their content machine continues to come through, this time doing something I’ve always wanted them to do since I saw other groups on it with a live performance of “Odd Eye” and “Wind Blows” and MBC Mdromeda with a live band.

Seems like as good a time as any to plug their upcoming concert.

Perhaps more importantly, the 20 million views reward was released in a special dance performance version of “Odd Eye”.

It’s like they took those music show compilation videos that use transitions that morph them from one outfit to the next and made an official version.

This really was all worth it for the masked dancer call back with Handong.

Aside from enjoying their music and the antics of the members, one of the things that has been apparent from the beginning is the effort put into the content. Even things that could (and arguably should) be minimal effort stuff since it’s just bonus material, from rewards like this to special clips, are always well done. Despite whatever complaints I may have, they sure do make it extremely easy to get absorbed into a group when there’s always something entertaining being put out.


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