Brave Girls do relay dance for “Rollin'”, which achieves perfect all-kill + Minyoung regrets promising to shave head

Brave Girls previously couldn’t get anybody to let them do a relay dance, so they did their own. Now their relay dance for “Rollin'” on M2 was clearly a priority and released soon after their comeback performance on M! Countdown.

They look thrilled, man. Great to see a fun story.

Speaking of, forget the real-time all-kill, they got a perfect all-kill now.

This is made more amusing by the fact that member Minyoung promised back in 2017, thinking it would never happen, that she would shave her head if it reached #1.

When Brave Girls’ song “Rollin’” was released back in March 2017, Minyoung had said that she’d even go as far as shaving her head if it reached No. 1 on a music chart. During a recent press conference for the show “TMI News,” host Park Seul Gi asked Minyoung about her pledge, now that “Rollin’” has topped music charts. Minyoung replied, “I’ve been receiving hundreds of direct messages since we entered the chart. I’m getting so many messages about my head-shaving promise.” She made everyone laugh when she continued, “However, it was four years ago. Could you spare me just this once? I’ll be a good person as I lead my life.”


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