Yukyung found promoting ELRIS while working part-time at restaurant

Times are always tough for idols in mid-tier groups and below, but the pandemic has certainly exacerbated things, and one netizen surprisingly found ELRIS member Yukyung working at a restaurant.

“Does anyone know a girl group called ELRIS? I went to the restaurant Schedule Chungdam and received this note from an employee. It looks like she’s ELRIS’s Yookyung. It was interesting because I’ve never seen an idol working part-time before. She seemed nice with a sweet voice. It was surprising to see her sincerity in the note and I wish the best for her.”

Fortunately, she’s making the best of it, using the job to promote herself and ELRIS.

“Hello! My name is Yookyung, a member of a 5-year girl group called ELRIS that debuted in 2017. We would be grateful if you could give us lots of love and interest and remember us as we try to bring positive energy as ELRIS to the public. [Instagram] ELRIS Yookyung’s account: @2.60___ ELRIS official account: @hunus_elris. Have a good time!”

Of course, it’s possible (hopefully) that this is just for some variety or reality show, but it’s also completely believable that idols would be working part-time since that’s not really uncommon. From what I’ve heard, she would be one of the lucky ones even, with part-time jobs drying up for those in entertainment during the pandemic.

Either way, hard not to respect the hustle.


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