Brave Girls complete rise with “Rollin'” on ‘Inkigayo’ notching their 1st ever win

Brave Girls have completed their comeback from the brink, officially at least, securing their first win with “Rollin'” on ‘Inkigayo’.

The voting itself wasn’t all that close, as the power of their digital success powered them.

Love to watch the emotional speeches.


I’ve been posting a lot about Brave Girls lately, initially talking about the incredible resurgence, then about them beating giants in the industry on the charts, and now doing the circuits with their breakout hit.

While it’s a lot of attention, I think this win really puts into context what a story it really is. Crayon Pop and EXID and others had their careers saved as well, but at least it was by a current song just months after the fact. For Brave Girls to come back from the brink based on a fanmade compilation video of a four-year-old song is quite literally unprecedented in terms of having a breakout, but this win cements it as truly unique and something we’re unlikely to see again soon or ever. Congrats.


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