[Review] Like a musical cup of hot coffee, Soyou’s “Good Night My Love” is sure to soothe the soul

Former SISTAR member, Soyou, is back for her new 2021 release, “Good Night My Love”. The music video, which helps visually paint the original lyrics written by Lee Hyori, is in the form of a short film. It’s a fascinating artistic decision by those at the top, but one I believe to be successful. Lyrics aside, the music video also provides a suitable accompaniment to the stripped-down nature of this song.

There’s a lot of ways to describe this piece of music. It is like a hot cup of coffee, or a warm sweater, a long hug – the list goes on. Just pure vibes. It is almost like a musical representation of feeling. Soyou’s light, hushed vocals and a solo guitar dominate the song. The few background vocals and piano sprinkled on top only accentuates the desired harmonic environment.

In a world where pop music is overly-produced, and all components within each release greatly exaggerated, it is very refreshing to hear such simplicity in Soyou’s “Good Night My Love”. From a composition point of view, however, this is not to be confused with lack of knowledge or skill. In terms of singing, the less there is ‘behind’ you, the more the listener will focus on your vocals. To many, this could make you feel ‘exposed’. But, this is only a problem if the vocals are sub-par and have something to hide. This is not the case for Soyou. Instead, this was done purposely to showcase the unique tone quality of her voice. It’s a perfect method used for this specific context. With that in mind, it further supports the ‘cleanliness’ the solo guitar provides alongside the vocals thoughout the piece.

Sit back, relax, and take it all in! For what this is meant to be, this is an excellent single, and it’s one that’s going straight onto my playlist.

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