Dreamcatcher unleash a rock cover of 2PM’s resurgent 2015 hit “My House” at KCON:TACT

Dreamcatcher get a lot of (deserved) publicity for their quality covers, whether in the form of live performances or special clips, but they may have outdid themselves recently at KCON:TACT with a rock rendition of the recently virally revitalized 2015 hit by 2PM, “My House”.


Yeah, this was a great cover because it wasn’t only the performance, styling, and choreography, but they fundamentally changed the song and managed to give things a different feel from the others.

“I wanna take her to my house.”

Shameless, lol.

I guess there was foreshadowing for this a year ago on ‘Idol Radio’.

I mean it was always a good song, but the resurgence was definitely surprising.

Special clip, when?


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