Jung Joon Young’s ex speaks out on dropping charges against him back in 2016

Back in 2016, rapist Jung Joon Young had charges filed against him by an ex-girlfriend for illegal filming during sexual situations, but they were eventually dropped and things certainly seemed like much ado about nothing since things went away quietly.

After his molka scandal though, it was revealed that Jung Joon Young’s lawyer and a police officer reportedly worked to hide evidence in the case, and now the ex has come forward with her story about dropping charges back then.

“I want to take this opportunity to clarify what happened due to the misunderstandings that exist even 5 years after the incident. The biggest reason why I dropped the charges was because, after consulting my lawyer, we came to the conclusion that due to the lack of evidence, I could very well find myself charged for false accusations.”

“I was also about to graduate from college. I thought it was dangerous to put myself at risk of a record with a famous celebrity before entering society.”

She also talks about her regrets and has a message for his victims.

“If I’d known that he was so evil that he would commit those acts on so many women, I never would’ve cooperated. I was pained with regret about the fact that I failed to keep fighting and changed my stance.”

“It’s okay if you didn’t deal with it completely as a victim. And it’s not your fault that the criminal that stepped on your life is being punished. Please have hope that you’ll one day find happiness again like I did.”

In retrospect there’s not a whole lot surprising here in terms of Jung Joon Young’s actions or how things unfolded with authorities, but she definitely deserves to be heard now.

It’s also a reminder that completely trusting legal outcomes isn’t a realistic way to view events that transpire since that assumes fairness and justice, and we should know by now those don’t always happen since humans are involved.


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