Amaki Sally teaches weebs practical Japanese, gives dating advice, does streamer audition

Well, it’s about damn time I catch up on Amaki Sally shit, since unfortunately for her* I have not stopped paying attention to her but have simply been lazy about doing posts while continuing to consume her content.

*Presumably she’s tired of me asking her to (probably) violate her contract and stream on Twitch.

Honestly, it’s more like clearing a backlog of uploads as I sort through potential related posts.

Regardless, away we go.


Guys, you trust Sally with your lives, right? Of course you do, so … well, here’s practical Japanese for you weebs.

Known dating expert will also give you dating advice.

Stuff like this is why I want her to do Twitch. Absolutely scuffed IRL trip to Tokyo Tower. Much money would be spent roasting them.

Well, there’s also this, which is probably better on YouTube.


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