[Update] Staff from Aespa’s DAZED shoot under fire for allegedly taking molka pics, SME makes statement

A DAZED Korea staff has come under fire recently after fans spotted what appeared to be a man taking a molka picture of Aespa in behind-the-scenes video of their Givenchy shoot with the publication.



The source video was uploaded a month ago on Aespa’s YouTube channel.

Obviously this is a serious allegation, and things certainly look suspect based on the clip, especially because he seems to turn the front-facing camera on prior to approaching the girls. Worth noting that there’s also a cut in the clip, but it doesn’t appear to switch to a different time.

Fans of Aespa are demanding a response from both DAZED Korea and SM Entertainment, which I feel like is certainly reasonable.


SME has released a statement on the matter, denying any wrongdoing on the photographer’s behalf.

SM Entertainment attempted to clarify the situation by stating, “The individual who appeared in the video in question is the photographer who was in charge of the photo shoot, and we have confirmed that he didn’t do anything that warrants misunderstanding.” The agency continued, “Winter also enjoyed posing for the photo shoot at the time, and she says there was nothing upsetting nor any situations that could warrant misunderstanding on the set. We are grateful to the fans who worried about her, and we hope there will be no more misunderstandings.”

Honestly, I’m not sure this does much since it comes off like they just asked him and he denied it.

Other netizens believe they have debunked this allegation, saying the staff were all just checking the monitors. It wouldn’t be the first time a misunderstanding like this occurred, so one should definitely keep an open mind. That said, what made me decide to cover this is the man seemingly having the camera app open, which would still be bizarre in that situation.


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