‘Sing Again’ – Episodes 8-10: Top 10 determined, including IMFACT’s Taeho & Ladies’ Code’s Sojung + ballads predictably dominate

The first seven episodes of Sing Again were either auditions or head-to-head battles in some format, but now that they’ve whittled things down to the cream of the crop, they’re separating into groups in order to compete for the Top 10 spots on the show.

While three episodes are listed in the title, I’m only going part of episode 10 just as far as the Top 10 is named.


Note: There are no English subtitles, but you can get the gist of the show watching episodes without them and JTBC are posting clips and performances on JTBC Entertainment and JTBC Voyage on YouTube.


So how this works now is there are three groups with five contestants each. The top three in each group make it to the Top 10, and the two remaining go into one last group to sing-off for the final spot.

I will list the entire Top 10 along with any notable performances. I also posted the song they are covering below their performance.


Choi Ye Geun (#23) – Lee Juck’s “Walk With Me” – 7 Votes – Top 10

IMFACT’s Taeho (#37) – Lee Sun Hee’s “Fox Rain” – 5 Votes – Top 10

Jung Hong Il (#29) – Kim Soo Chul’s “A Flower That Didn’t Bloom” – 8 Votes – Top 10

Yoari (#47) – Park Hyo Shin’s “Lover” – 8 Votes – Top 10

Lee Seung Yoon (#30) – Saneulrim’s “Lay Silk On My Heart” – 8 Votes – Top 10

Ladies’ Code’s Sojung (#11) – Kim Yoon Ah’s “Going Home” – 7 Votes – Top 10

Lee Jung Kwon (#20) – Lena Park’s “Missing Child” – 8 Votes – Top 10

Lee Moo Jin (#63) – The Trebel Clef’s “Lying On The Sea” – 8 Votes – Top 10

Kim Jun Hwi (#10) – Lee Moon Sae’s “When Love Passes” – 6 Votes – Top 10


Crayon Pop’s Choa (#59) – Lee Moon Sae’s “A Little Girl” – 5 Votes – Demoted

Han Seung Yoon (#17) – Seo Taiji And Boys’ “I’m Going To Erase You” – 5 Votes – Demoted

Choa was tied with another contestant for the Top 10 spot in her group but lost out in the end, while Han Seung Yoon gets a mention here just for doing a song with some kind of life.


That left six performers in the qualifying group vying for a final spot.

Hajin (#55) – Crush & Han Sang Won’s “SKIP” – Eliminated

Crayon Pop’s Choa (#59) – Youme’s “Star” – Eliminated

Yumi (#33) – Park Hyo Shin’s “Breath” – Advances

They should ban Park Hyo Shin songs from these shows. If you can get relatively close vocally and can emote decently, it’s like a cheat code, I swear to god.


As you can imagine, I have not enjoyed how a fun and diverse show has devolved primarily into effectively another ballad contest. I don’t blame any of the contestants, because this is what’s expected in order show they’re “serious” artists and “real” talent even though that was apparent anyway, which is why they’re still fucking here.

Regardless, the competition itself was never the appeal of this show for me, so I’m really just glad a lot of these artists are getting wide exposure, from idols to indie to folk.


Quite frankly, some of their Top 10 intros were miles better than what qualified them for the spot.

In particular, the Lee Seung Yoon song absolutely bangs.

Lee Moo Jin (#33) – Lee Moo Jin’s “Walk”

Ladies’ Code’s Sojung (#11) – Ladies’ Code’s “Pretty Pretty”

Choi Ye Geun (#23) – Choi Ye Geun’s “Lucid Dream”

IMFACT’s Taeho (#37) – IMFACT’s “NANANA”


Jung Hong Il (#29) – Jung Hong Il’s “If Only I Could Breathe”

Lee Seung Yoon (#30) – Alary-Kansion’s “Gainism”



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