Songs You May Have Missed: February 2021 (CL, MOMOLAND, GOT7’s Mark, INFINITE’s L, SECHSKIES, SE SO NEON, QODES)

What’s up? Long time no see. You’ve missed the missed tracks, I’m sure. I certainly have; they were so easily missed that apparently I even missed them too, ha. I could go on, but everyone has waited long enough.


Kang Daniel – “Paranoia”

Now, I guess you could argue that absolutely nobody missed this song by Kang Daniel … which would be absolutely fair, but also he only released this one song so only it could go on this playlist. Basically, I liked it and wanted to talk about it.

SE SO NEON – “Jayu”

Se So Neon never disappoint me, musically. Glad to see they still haven’t.

Junoflo – “No Parachute”

I can’t say I am contractually obliged to always talk about every track that Junoflo releases because I don’t have a contract, but I always still like to do it. He is a talent and, as he says on the track, he’s been stepping his range up.

DAYBREAK Feat. Heize – “Doesn’t Make Sense”

I absolutely love the kind of 90s lounge music vibe of this song — nice and easy to listen to, with gorgeous vocals all round.


So I don’t fully understand the way the songs are being released for this group, nor do I get the member introductions (it’s sort of a LOONA type deal?), but I am here for rookies and I am here for ladies and this MV is … uhhh, it’s good.

INFINITE’s L – “Memory”

I am, always and forever, pleased for L and anything he chooses to do.

SECHSKIES – “Don’t Look Back”

Do kids these days know SECHSKIES? Anyway, stan these old men.

MOMOLAND & CHROMANCE – “Wrap Me In Plastic”

MOMOLAND’s cover of CHROMANCE’s “Wrap Me In Plastic” is so cool! I did misread it as “Wrap Me Up In Plastic” at first, which would be an … altogether different vibe.

GOT7’s Mark Feat. Sanjoy – “One In A Million”

Good for you, Mark Tuan.

CL – “Wish You Were Here”

I’m just gonna let this one sit.



And that’s it.

As always, feel free to let me know any songs you liked released during February that you think I, or anyone else, might have missed.

Happy listening!

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