WINNER Kang Seungyoon bamboozles children on ODG, also gets life advice & performs “IYAH”

Seungyoon of WINNER featured in a recent video for YouTube channel ODG where he pretended to be a musician auditioning for Superstar K (like he did 10 years ago) and wanted to know what kids thought of his music. As usual, it was wholesome.

Note: If you didn’t know and wondered what the Koreans React guy was doing now, it’s this. Deserve.

The thing about releases with a timeless sound like “IYAH” is that it’s hard to resist enjoying if executed decently well. While I do agree that it could have used another gear and it’s not breaking new ground, it’s a versatile sound that can be adapted for stuff like this, and especially for something like a concert. You would get your lighter out and drift along, come on.

Anyway, it was a cute video, especially getting schooled by kids on dealings with antis and what not. The one serious girl has a future in therapy or something, even I felt that.

Also, Mino out here catching strays.


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