Mina (ex-AOA) posted a concerning self-harm picture, reportedly is now hospitalized but safe

Former AOA member Mina has worried fans and netizens recently, as after previous mental health concerns she posted a photo on Instagram today of a bloody hand from a wrist wound and attached a concerning message.

“Why, is this dirty? Does this make you feel squeamish? Every word you say makes me end up doing this. A suicide show? You just say it’s to get some sympathy. Then give me some of that sympathy. Go see a psychiatrist? I have been seeing one for over 10 years. Do you know why I have gone mad? Have you ever lived a day in my shoes? You don’t know anything about me, but you still keep stepping all over me and ripping me apart. I’ve been trying my best, but I’ve been living like a fool.”

It is not known if the picture is of her, but she has done similar to herself in the past so her mental state at the moment is worrisome nevertheless.

Fortunately, it does appear that she is okay and is currently hospitalized.


Still, it’s the cycle that’s concerning to me. Like it’s great that she’s taking a break from activities, but she really needs to be away from the social media entirely. I’ve read about her family situation, and it’s definitely a tough situation when she’s the breadwinner, but surely she could at least get somebody else to run her socials.

I’m not a psychologist/psychiatrist, so I’m not sure what the best course of action would be in a situation like this, but I’m at least hoping she stays away from her triggers and gets better.


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