Mina (ex-AOA) continues to defend herself & respond on social media regarding her bullying allegations

After being hospitalized following a concerning post, former AOA member Mina returned to social media to make a bunch of posts, again talking about her experiences with bullying, netizens who are doubting her, and antis harassing her.

The posts are long and some are specific, so you can read them if you wish: here, here, here, here, here.

Basically, she’s has been seeing netizens reacting to her posts and now believing that Jimin is the victim of all this. So she clarifies about her mental state and reiterates that she was bullied by Jimin for around a decade, detailing the labor, insults, and assaults that she had to endure. Mina says she wants an actual apology from Jimin and to talk to her one-on-one. She also reveals that AOA members were also fed up with Jimin around contract renewal time and discussed getting her out, but that none of them stood up for her in the end. She later rebuts netizens — and Jimin and/or AOA fans — calling her the perpetrator.


Honestly, it’s difficult to read, especially knowing that probably the last thing Mina needs right now is to be scavenging the Internet for negativity and responding to it on social media. That said, the quick change in reaction from netizens to her posting has sorta baffled me. At the end of the day, nothing with the situation has materially changed, and she’s clearly just going through it with her mental health.

So regardless of what you believe about the situation, there’s no real reason to change gears unless simply seeing mental health issues playing out in public is what’s bothersome. I think many people have had issues similar while going through their own struggles, but ours aren’t broadcasted to the public. So it feels like a lot of people know they are supposed to support mental health and what not, but even if they know what’s happening, if it makes them uncomfortable then that sentiment fades real quick. Kind of a shame to see that laid bare even internationally, while they hail themselves as more progressive on this front.

Either way, it unfortunately doesn’t seem like she’ll be staying off the Internet, even though I think everybody agrees that would be best given that’s where most of her triggers seem to be.


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