T-ara Eunjung got catfished by a Lee Hongki impersonator + conspiracy time

Eunjung was a guest on Radio Star recently, which is a nice reminder that T-ara are back in the good graces of the public at least. Anyway, Lee Hongkiwas also a guest and she told a story where she basically got catfished into a convo with a random person pretending to be Hongki.

Eunjung then revealed, “Even though we don’t really know each other well and we don’t even have each other’s numbers, I personally feel like I’m acquainted with Hong Ki. Because I once chatted with someone impersonating Hong Ki for several days.” Lee Hong Ki exclaimed in shock, “Wait, what?!” and Eunjung continued, “Yes, I talked to them thinking that they were Lee Hong Ki. It started at a Dream Concert. FTISLAND was ahead of us in the rehearsal lineup, and for some reason, their rehearsal took a really long time that day.” “Later, when I came back to our dressing room,” she went on, “I had a text message from an unknown number saying, ‘Noona, this is Hong Ki.’ I wrote back, saying things like, ‘Your rehearsal took a long time today,’ and he replied, ‘Yeah, we had a lot to do today.’ So I kept chatting with him, and and I said, ‘I’ll see you later.’” As Lee Hong Ki listened in disbelief, Eunjung continued, “That was the dry rehearsal, and when the camera rehearsal rolled around, [Lee Hong Ki] was in front of me again. So I said, ‘Hey, Hong Ki!’ But he just bowed awkwardly and left. So when I got back to the dressing room, I asked, ‘Why did you greet me like that earlier?’ and he replied, ‘Because there were so many people around.’” The hosts exclaimed, “So it must have been someone who was nearby!” Eunjung went on to recall that after the concert was over, she attempted to make eye contact with Lee Hong Ki and say hello, but that he just left without greeting her. Lee Hong Ki jokingly commented, “This must be why I don’t have a very good image.” In the end, Eunjung revealed, “Something felt fishy, so I asked that person, ‘You’re not Hong Ki, are you?’ Then, all of a sudden, they changed their KakaoTalk profile picture to their own photo. It turned out to be a non-celebrity. But I felt really close with Hong Ki for half a day.” Lee Hong Ki remarked in amazement, “This is the first time I’m hearing this story. I’m shocked.”

I’m telling myself that the person wasn’t actually stalking them on the scene and was just guessing cause it’s less insanely creepy that way. Or it was a prank. Uh, yeah.

While this was just a funny quip on a show about an interaction between Eunjung and Hongki, the thing I immediately thought was, “Oh, I guess this is how she lost those bags of money in Europe.” And that got me thinking that this is all to further a conspiracy.

Ah yes, the time when the notoriously law-abiding and non-scummy MBK Entertainment apparently gave Eunjung over $30k cash in a bag to safeguard and she lost it.

T-ara and a rookie girl group left for a Europe trip recently when Eunjung lost her bag near Milano Square on April 12 at 5PM. She not only lost her bag but also $30,200 that was in it. Fortunately, her passport was safe with another staff, so a passport loss accident was evaded. On April 14, an official from Core Contents—T-ara’s entertainment company—said, “The bag was lost near Milano Square and Duomo Church when T-ara was taking a quick break and getting coffee after a film shoot. Although the other members consoled her, Eunjung cried all night after filming ended.”


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