Red Velvet’s Joy makes solo debut with remake/cover of Park Hye Kyung’s “Hello”

Joy of Red Velvet recently made her solo debut, which for whatever reason SM Entertainment decided should also be a remake album. The lead single for that album is “Hello“, which was basically a straight-up cover of Park Hye Kyung‘s 2003 original.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and I’m always pleased to see further rock influence permeating the mainstream of K-pop. Mainly though, I’m just unsure how to review it when it’s borderline a note-for-note cover.

I dunno, I guess it kinda seemed like SME felt they had to give Joy something and they just threw this at her feet and told her to be grateful. YouTubers will put triple the effort into a fun and/or divergent arrangement as SME did here.


I stand corrected, her fans have pointed out to me that Joy supposedly had input on this being a remake album, so feel free to shift whatever amount of blame for this off SME and onto her instead.


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