[Review] TXT & Seori team up and deliver a gem in jubilant, expansive “0X1=LOVESONG”

Another group, another review that starts out discussing how I hadn’t previously been into said group’s music. It seems to be a thing in the last month or so of 2021, and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier.

Basically TXT has been more of The Bias List‘s interest and hadn’t yet really connected with me all that much. “0X1=LOVESONG” changes that in a big way, as it’s excellent in the now and has a chance to be a lasting favorite.

It sure feels like as we’re approaching the summer of 2021 people are sick of the pandemic and being indoors all day, and the music is certainly starting to gear up for the season of going outdoors and doing random fun shit again. That’s basically the soundscape of “0X1=LOVESONG”, and the music video is an appropriate road trip vibe for something that sounds like you blast as you’re driving down a remote road along the plains standing up in a convertible.

After the initial teasing of the pop rock chorus to start, I do wish
“0X1=LOVESONG” didn’t gear down quite so severely for the verses, but compared to the drum beats pounding to craft a build and the explosion of joy that comes with the release of that tension in the chorus, it’s a minor quibble. The production treats the song as such a joyous occasion, and TXT convey that excellently with a fleshed out chorus set over a beautiful melody that also includes memorable moments like the “I know I love you” refrain and Seori’s entire “say you love me” chorus section. The replayability of it is off the charts, and there’s always something to latch onto that makes it worth the repeat.

At times the vocals on “0X1=LOVESONG” from TXT are a bit rough and unrefined, and quite frankly it was almost jarring how the pre-chorus yelling that leads into the chorus was allowed at all in a K-pop song, as it was bordering on hoarse. That seems like a criticism, but it’s honestly one of my favorite things about the song. There’s a rawness to it, with a dare-I-say punk energy and it provided an unexpected dimension to the song that was both appropriate and gave it a lot of character. Seori did feel a bit underused, and I’d almost like to hear her attempt the same uplifting song, but her interjections are impactful with her contrasting clear vocal that includes a twinge of that sultry r&b influence.

For the most part “0X1=LOVESONG” had me on board within the first 10 seconds as the booming instrumental scratched an itch for me, but both TXT and Seori added to that foundation to make an impressively jubilant and fun release that I can honestly see pumping in the car for the indefinite future. “0X1=LOVESONG” sets the bar high, but hopefully TXT builds on this and goes on a like-minded run musically, as this was just what the year needed.


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