BoA cleared of having street cred

Back in December of last year, BoA was investigated for alleged smuggling of drugs, or at least that’s what the headlines read. As it turns out it was Zolpidem, probably better known as Ambien, and in statement released through SM Entertainment it was revealed she was recently cleared of wrongdoing.

“Regarding the case about our artist BoA, the prosecutors decided to not pursue the charges at the end of last month. The employee in question sent to Korea the sleep medication that had been prescribed for BoA during her Japanese promotions, but wasn’t aware of the legal measures required and did not get the proper permissions for medical products. BoA and the staff member carefully explained the details of the medical subscription, how they had sent the medication overseas, and the situation regarding the official procedures, and faithfully participated in the investigation.”

Welp, so much for the brainstormed jokes about her having more street cred than 99% of the Korean hip-hop scene.

Seriously though, the only reason for concern here was her image in Korea and the fact that she needs sleeping pills to begin with, because honestly it was never a significant moral affront.


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