BoA questioned by authorities over alleged smuggling of drugs!!!!!

BoA is being questioned by Korean authorities for alleged smuggling of drugs! Oh my god! You NEED to read the rest of the article in full and click all of the links!

Please check out her recent comeback “Better” as well as multiple tributes made to her and BoA covering her own classics for her 20th anniversary.

Okay, my job is done.

Other options included “Pop superstar BoA HUMILIATED after being CAUGHT smuggling DRUGS?!?!?!” and variations of such.

Anyway, she is actually being questioned for smuggling drugs, but it’s the sleeping pills Zolpidem AKA Ambien, while SM Entertainment has released a statement saying it was a mistake.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office called in the 34-year-old singer on Wednesday for questioning over suspicions of trying to bring in drugs, including Zolpidem, a prescription drug that induces sleep, from Japan under the name of an employee at her agency, SM Entertainment.
In a statement, SM Entertainment said the incident was a mistake and that she did not have any intention to bring in the drugs illegally.
“Our employee received the drugs at a local hospital following due procedures but was not aware that it could be a problem in South Korea even though the drugs were prescribed normally abroad,” the company said.
According to SM Entertainment, BoA tried to take the pills she previously used in Japan after experiencing side effects from the sleeping pills she recently received on a doctor’s advice.
Prosecutors will decide whether to indict the singer after reviewing the case, including its intentionality.

In all seriousness, the only thing I’m concerned about is potential witch hunts and an sleeping issues she might have. But I know a ton of people that take Ambien, including my dad, that don’t have any serious issues.


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