DSP’s defamation lawsuits against acquaintances of Hyunjoo (ex-APRIL) get rejected

While the legal dispute between DSP Media and former APRIL member Hyunjoo have yet to be updated, it has been revealed that DSP’s lawsuits against acquaintances of Hyunjoo have been rejected.

According to the legal representatives for Lee Hyunjoo, the police had cleared the posts of such charges and did not accept DSP Media’s filings of lawsuits. This news was announced on June 8, 2021.

The allegations of Hyunjoo being bullied in APRIL started with online posts made by her brother and a former classmate, and DSP had previously announced their intention to sue them for defamation.

While this isn’t the main legal case, and while defamation lawsuits are not necessarily easy to win, I’m surprised it was thrown out so quickly. Without making too much of this outcome, it’s hard to not see this as a win for Hyunjoo’s side.


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