Woo!ah! reincarnate Sawori, and I need more of the cursed blue M&M

Years ago, back in the days of yore, APRIL brought out a dancing mascot named Sawori, and at least with me it was an instant hit. So hilarious did I find this shit that I temporarily renamed the site Sawori Junkie, complete with logo and everything.

Unfortunately, Sawori was eventually discarded by the group (and these jokes seemed to have turned out to be prophetic).

Thankfully, a girl group has risen to take up the mantel, with Woo!ah! at one point bringing a mascot on stage with them as well.

Unfortunately, I have checked some of their other performances of “Purple” and I have yet to see this mascot incorporated elsewhere.

Please … give me the bootleg Sawori. I need this. K-pop needs this.


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