Han Ye Seul addresses her current “scandals”, none of which seem like anything we need to care about

In case you’ve been blessed and haven’t been paying attention, Han Ye Seul has found herself embedded in controversy recently due to a series of videos posted by the Garo Sero Institute. Recently, she posted her own video to clarify the rumors swirling around her.

Feel free to watch it if you care (or read this summary), but while this whole thing has been going on, the only thing I’ve wondered is why exactly I’m supposed to care.

The mess is that allegedly her current boyfriend is a sex worker, that a previous boyfriend cheated on her and she slapped the woman, that she gave gifts to her boyfriend, that she received gifts while dating a previous boyfriend, and that she did drugs at a club. Most recently, in response to this video, she was accused of being a sex worker herself.

Honestly, I’m struggling to find what exactly I’m supposed to be outraged about.

Of course, the disclaimer there is that if it’s revealed one of these actresses has done something terrible, then of course it deserves to be exposed. However, as of now, this is all tabloid bullshit aimed at publicly shaming female celebrities, either directly or by association. Yawn.


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