DSP release statement in response to Hyunjoo’s brother being cleared of defamation

Following the charge of defamation against Hyunjoo’s brother being dismissed recently, DSP Media has released another statement to try and clear up what the police had ruled.

“Some media outlets reported that the investigative agency decided to clear Lee Hyunjoo’s younger brother of charges after accepting that she was bullied by the members, but this is different from the truth. To fully quote the exact reason for charges being cleared without distortion, ‘Charges were cleared as it is difficult to say that there was an intention of defamation and a recognition of false information.’ There was no confirmation of the members participating in bullying, and charges were cleared with the reason that the accused had no recognition of false information in the posts that he wrote. We request for information that is different from the truth to not be circulated without confirming the facts.”

Of course, the reports and police also wrote that the content of his post was not far from the truth and was not distorted significantly.

As written by TenAsia, the police have also judged that the contents cannot be considered spread of false information as the contents including the sneakers and tumbler incident, how she had had a difficult time due to the group bullying and the details of her daily life as a group with the plaintiffs had not been far from the truth.

The police have further noted that the claims made by Hyunjoo’s brother in his community posts were “not distorted excessively from events which occurred in the past, and so they cannot be deemed as ‘false rumors’.”

That is, it’s kinda hard to frame this as all the authorities said on the matter is that Hyunjoo’s brother had no intent because it was definitely more than that as well.

That said, while everybody was freaking out about the supposed police confirmation of bullying, even if it were true, the police (thankfully) do not determine anything one way or another. It’ll still go to the courts for the final judgement, it just that it doesn’t bode well for DSP that they keep losing lawsuits, have mounted a significant but failing PR campaign in response, and even their defense doesn’t really paint a picture of relations that would make it unlikely APRIL were involved in bullying.


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