Woo!ah!’s Wooyeon blesses with a cover of Utada Hikaru’s “First Love”, led to me wondering about other versions

Woo!ah! member Wooyeon recently posted a cover of Utada Hikaru‘s classic “First Love” to the group’s official YouTube channel and I can’t thank her enough.

Seriously, big shoutout to Woo!ah!, Woohyun, or whoever made this possible because it gives me a chance to get nostalgic about a classic.

Wooyeon herself did a nice job on a song that is more difficult to really do well than it seems.

Still, that this cover was a shock made me wonder why it isn’t covered more often by this generation, honestly. I understand Korean artists having Korean songs to do to an extent, but even elsewhere it’s not really covered a ton despite how omnipresent this song was for a good while.

In terms of vocals, Juju‘s cover was probably the best, but personally I always liked May J‘s version as well.


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