Celebrities under criminal investigation will no longer be allowed to enlist to deter investigations

Celebrities will no longer be able to enlist in the military as a way of hampering criminal investigations, according to a June 28 report by Insight. Starting on July 14, if there’s an ongoing criminal investigation that could result in jail time, an individual’s enlistment may be postponed if investigators request.

According to reports made by Insight, The Ministry of Strategy and Finance shared that, “starting on the 14th of July, if military service officers have ongoing criminal investigations, their enlistment dates may be postponed if requested by the head of their investigation agencies.” This is only applicable to those who are involved in criminal acts that is punishable by imprisonment. It was further reported that if the head of the investigation does request for the postponement of someone’s enlistment date, they will be granted a postponement of up to 1 year to investigate the crime.

Of course, this only applies to male celebrities. Specifically, they mention Seungri and actor Lee Seo Won as cases this would’ve applied to.

This new change was revealed to have been made following the enlistment timing of numerous male celebrities who were previously arrested on criminal charges. Former BIGBANG member Seungri and actor Lee Seo Won are just two of the many male stars that have allegedly sought “asylum” in their mandatory military service as an attempt to avoid their ongoing investigations.

As many Korean netizens pointed out, it’s silly that this only recently is becoming a thing, but better late than never.

Celebrities using the military to rehabilitate their reputations is basically a meme at this point, and this certainly won’t stop it, as this doesn’t apply to just be any controversy but it needs to be a serious criminal investigation. However, it will at least put a stop to those individuals trying to throw a wrench into investigations.


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