B-Side Spotlight: May 2021 (NCT Dream, Oh My Girl, TXT, SHINee’s Taemin, Heize, HIGHLIGHT, Ailee, Rocket Punch, EVERGLOW)

Hello! Hi there. The earth has heated up where I am, and in between me having my brain melt out of my ears (it’s not even that hot, I’m just English and can’t deal) there’s been a LOT of K-pop stuff coming out during the last month. Let’s go!


NCT DREAM – “Rocket”

My second favourite song on this playlist! I like it a lot, and it also has the seal of approval from my picky, picky mum (i.e. I played it in the car with her the other day and she bopped).

OH MY GIRL – “Quest”

Cute as fuck, playful beat, girls own the spring AND the summer, but we all knew this.

Heize – “Why”

At this point I don’t think Heize is capable of putting out any track that I will actively not like.

ONEUS – “Happy Birthday”

What a groove. Nice job, ONEUS.

SHINee’s Taemin – “Light”

My favourite song on this playlist! Yes, I’m biased because it’s Taemin.

Highlight – “Hey Yeah”

I actually really liked this whole album, which is something considering I’ve never really been a fan of Highlight.

Ailee – “525”

AILEE! I missed her so much. Vocals on this are, of course, perfect.

WJSN The Black – “Kiss Your Lips”

Girl group drama! I love it! A bop.

TRI.BE – “Loro”

It’s boppable, but hello to those outfits with the fringe, specifically.

PIXY – “Insomnia”

The whole album, but this track in particular, have won PIXY a new fan.

GWSN – “Starry Night”

I absolutely fell in love with GWSN last year, and I am happy to see that was the correct decision.

Bling Bling – “Milkshake”

It’s cute, it’s fun … what else could you ask for?

TXT – “No Rules”

I like TXT well enough, and I hope they can continue to carve out their own name for themselves. Good job, kids.

TO1 – “Surf”

TO1 have impressed me on this recent mini. I like this song a lot; it’s kind of a late spring night sort of track, for a dwindling party … if only any of us were having parties currently, lol.

Rocket Punch – “Ride”

I’ve always said this, but I love a good dose of girl group drama, and Rocket Punch has absolutely delivered that here.

Fromis 9 – “Airplane Mode”

It’s barely relevant, but I am having a hard time not trying to type in “aeroplane mode” every time I’m trying to find this song. Shame, because I like listening to it.

EVERGLOW – “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Hello and welcome to my new favourite EVERGLOW song.

Red Velvet’s Joy Feat. Paul Kim – “If Only”

Gorgeous, absurdly clean vocals; an absolute treat.

Sung Si Kyung – “That We Were Once In Love”

I don’t need to explain to anyone who Sung Si Kyung is, right? Please go listen to the whole album, actually. It’s gorgeous.

Jung Seung Hwan – “If You Are With Me”

Alright, fuck it, I’m a ballad fan. There’s been too many now and I can no longer claim otherwise. God damn it.

Woo!ah! – “Scaredy Cat”

This song reminds me of PENTAGON’s Shine in the best way, because I love that song and this one has the same kind of playful, summery vibes.


And that’s it!

Be sure to let me know about your favourite b-sides from last month, and happy listening.

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