Songs You May Have Missed: May 2021 (SUMIN & Zion.T, EXO’s Baekhyun, Kang Daniel, KEEMBO, Reddy, AB6IX, Gaho)


Get everybody and the stuff together: three, two, one … let’s jam!


SUMIN & ZION.T – “Creamppang”

An odd little song for sure.

EXO’s Baekhyun & Seo Moon Tak – “Hurt”

I’ve always assumed Baekhyun’s voice would suit a heavier style, and of course, I was right.

Kang Daniel Feat. Loco – “Outerspace”

I feel like I talk about something Kang Daniel has done every month … does this kid need a break?

Colde – “I’m In Love”

Colde doing his Colde thing, which I am always grateful for.

Reddy – “Too Busy”

God, you and me both, my dude. A good jam, I’m into it.

HI CUTIE – “Gray Area”

Oh my god, this group are so young??? The song is nice, though.

Ben – “Because I Am A Woman”

Just lovely.

Punch – “We’re Breaking Up”

Does anyone want Punch and Rocket Punch to collab, just to see what the result would be? I think we should have that.

KEEMBO – “Whatever”

Not to be an absolute hipster or whatever, but I truly loved and tried to hype Spica when they were active. Needless to say, having KEEMBO around and releasing music makes me very happy.

AB6IX – “Gemini”

I feel like AB6IX also need a break, but I can’t really complain because I like this song a LOT, just as I did the mini they put out before this.

Gaho – “Rush Hour”

Ah, something sweet and easy.

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo & Mingyu Feat. Lee Hi – “Bittersweet”

You all know I’m SEVENTEEN trash, right? Okay, good. I think this song is truly lovely, and the melancholy vibe feels perfect for a slow summer evening.

SHAUN Feat. Wonstein – “Blue”

Proof that a hook can be something super simple and still effective.

Sokodomo Feat. Haeil – “SLATT”

This is one of those rare times where I truly only liked one song off an EP, and this is the only one that worked for me.

The Volunteers – “Summer”

Everything Baek Yerin does is gold, and this entire album is no exception. That voice is truly something special, and the rest of the band are great too.


And that’s it!

Be sure to let me know any other songs that came out during May that you think deserved more love, and happy listening.

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