BTS’s “Butter” has a surprising soundalike on the OST of ‘Monster In My Pocket’ game, which must’ve been a cool discovery

Netizens never cease to amaze me, for better or worse, and recently they found a soundalike for BTS‘s “Butter” in an extremely unlikely place, that being that soundtrack of 1992 video game Monster In My Pocket. Specifically the track for “Towering Catastrophe“.

Netizens, of course, also leapt to the conclusion that this was plagiarism, though as has been pointed out it’s more like an interpolation, which has less strict clearance rules than sampling.

However, if you are just doing an interpolation of a song, you only need to get permission from the owner of the underlying composition since you are just featuring the underlying composition — not the original recording — in your new song.

Also, it’s mainly just the beginning that is eerily similar, so it would be interpolation at worst and would probably be resolved quietly if it wasn’t already.

Regardless, that’s not really the point of this, it’s just more remarkable to me that somebody out there recalled this and made the connection. As somebody who likes to think about soundalikes, samples, interpolations, and whatever, it must’ve been really cool to have figured out where they heard it before.


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