Kris Wu accused of preying on underage girls & multiple instances of rape, is given ultimatum

Former EXO member Kris Wu has been involved in a scandal that’s been escalating for around a month now. Recently, the most serious allegations emerged, involving allegations of preying on underage girls and multiple instances of rape.


Back in May of 2021, Kris was reported as dating Chen Ziyi after security camera footage from a theater was released, and Kris sued the theater for violating his privacy.

The dating obviously isn’t something I care about, but afterward a woman named Du Meizhu stepped forward to reveal that Kris was in a relationship with her but ended up ghosting her.

On July 8, Du took to Weibo to provide screenshots of Kris allegedly seducing underage girls and claiming that she was getting threats from Kris fans. Kris then responded with legal threats, denying the claims.

She responded a day later saying she wants an apology.

Later, she posted saying she has proof that Kris’ side is basically trying to buy her silence.

Recently though, even more has come out as a result of interviews and posts by Du.

Kris is now facing an ultimatum from Du.

Brands and endorsements are starting to abandon ship, as people understandably find Du’s allegations credible and horrifying.

Obviously I tend not to weigh in on Chinese entertainment cause I don’t have much familiarity, but given the requests for this post due to the obvious connection Kris has with K-pop and the severity of the news, it seemed necessary to at least make people aware of what is going on.


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