More women share interactions with Kris Wu following allegations, netizens highlight some past red flags

Following the disturbing allegations of rape and predatory behavior towards minors that have emerged against Kris Wu, he eventually denied everything as other women came forward, and now further women are coming forward about their interactions with him, including celebrities like SNH48‘s Yu Jiayi.

The notable thing about fans being involved is it seems to corroborate what Du Meizhu alleged in terms of him using big fans to facilitate meeting women.

Additionally, netizens are bringing back past stuff that certainly look bad now, like when he cast the 16-year-old daughter of Kimura Takuya for his music video or the time Wang Sicong and Kris shared a bond over expectation of women.

Longtime friends, Kris and Sicong are attracted to the same type of women and share the same relationship views. Although often linked with trendy influences, both expressed that inner beauty is their priority as they are more “traditional” men in a 2015 interview. “I like clean, simple and innocent girls,” said Kris then. “Someone who is as chauvinistic as me would not allow my girlfriend to film kissing scenes with other men,” said Wang Sicong, to which Kris had responded, “Your words [struck a chord] in me…actually we are all traditional men inside!”

Well … I guess part of the downside of not being involved as much with Chinese entertainment is not seeing red flag shit like that at the time. I don’t exactly have my fingers on the pulse of China, but things seem to be trending extremely poorly for him right now.


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