[Giveaway] Announcing the winners for our Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday’ album giveaway!

The giveaway for the Dreamcatcher’s ‘Summer Holiday’ album has ended and the 30 winners have been chosen.

Congratulations to @daji_ark, @azdepe, @AmiRinMills, @cnkth, @RicheeseSomnie, @minyoohs, @Ozelot94, @memory__clock, @sopasoapsoup, @deukae_021, @boraghh, @deukaxide, @rihezi, @itzyooh, @nicomimi7, @nakoeeh, @siyeonfairies, @WONMITEU, @LinaBal_, @ohhtokki, @mechromanced, @chasingfreedom, @honey_cockporn, @yoodeukae, @pecintadeukae, @bomhunnit, @d*kesowon, @Rabbitz215, @barbaracuesauce, @minjiphinx.


I say this every time, but if you didn’t win, I’m sorry. I do feel shitty when choosing cause I feel like it disappoints a lot of people, but if you have the money, please consider buying the album.


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