Kris Wu detained by police on suspicion of rape

Following Kris Wu being accused of being predatory towards minors and rape, he denied the allegations, more women came forward, and the police released an investigation that revealed an extortion mess but also appeared to confirm the details of a lot of the allegations.

Now it has been revealed by Chaoyang Police that he has been detained on suspicion of rape.

After police investigated the reports made online regarding ‘Wu Yi Fan tricking young girls into having sexual relations multiple times,’ Wu Yi Fan (Male, 30, Canadian) has been detained by the Chaoyang police on suspicions of rape. The case is currently ongoing.

Yeah, I’m not sure why some media outlets and fans tried to make it like the extortion mess revealed by the police investigation was good for him. It always seemed like it was independent of the allegations, and their investigation mostly backed the stories from the allegations.


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