Mnet reach agreement on compensation for 11 of 12 ‘Produce 101’ contestants impacted by scandal, and I’m rooting for the holdout

Mnet has reportedly agreed on compensation with 11 of the 12 contestants who were rigged out of one of the iterations of the Produce 101 show. Late last year the 12 impacted contestants were revealed by the court.

On August 2, a source from Mnet revealed, “With a sincere attitude, we have done our best to hold discussions with the victims, and we have completed compensating 11 out of the 12 victims.” Asked why Mnet has not been able to compensate the one remaining victim, the source explained, “We have done our best with a sincere attitude regarding the compensation. We are currently negotiating the compensation with the remaining victim’s agency. We offered a reasonable amount in compensation to the victim’s agency, but they had an opinion different from our company’s regarding this. We will continue take responsibility and communicate with the agency to complete the compensation.”

I’d assume the holdout is one of the contestants who was rigged out of a non-X1 final group (which didn’t get as much time to establish themselves), which honestly potentially screwed them out of millions of future earning potential since being famous in itself is immensely valuable.

Don’t have much to say about this, but just an update on the situation since I’ve personally been wanting the victims to be compensated since they certainly deserve it.


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