SISTAR’s Hyolyn & Dasom reunite for “Summer Or Summer”

What would be the string of second generation girl group reunions without SISTAR members getting back together at the end of summer? Surprisingly we got two of them back at least, and even more surprisingly it was Hyolyn and Dasom who paired up for “Summer Or Summer”.

For a lot of the song, it delivers a relatively decent facsimile of a chill SISTAR summer jam, not great but not terrible as Anatoly Dyatlov might say. However, as it goes into the seemingly never ending run of high-pitched “I-I-I-I-I” and “like-like-like-like-like” refrains, it really derails much of the effort.

Well, at least this provides hope that SISTAR may return at some point or another, so that’s definitely a plus.


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