Upcoming movie ‘K-Pop: Lost In America’ has important producers & will be casting “K-pop stars”

Were you itching for a new movie about K-pop? Oh I bet you were. Well, never fear for K-Pop: Lost In America is here. A new road trip movie that might actually involve your faves from the producer of Interstellar and the executive producer of Parasite.

Producer Lynda Obst (“Interstellar,” “Hope Floats”) and Miky Lee (executive producer of “Parasite”) have joined forces to tap into the Korean music wave. They will produce “K-Pop: Lost in America,” a feature-length road movie to be released in 2023.

The story is about a K-pop boy group that basically has to travel from Texas to New York in two days.

The narrative in “Lost in America” revolves around a K-pop boy group that mistakenly lands in Texas with only two days left until their global debut in the New York. With no money and little time, they must make their way to New York to perform on their dream stage. “We plan to cast K-pop stars in addition to icons in the pop industry to appeal to a global audience,” said Youn. Casting begins immediately in Seoul. The pre-production stage of the film will officially kick off once the auditions are completed in August. Obst, who produced “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “One Fine Day” and executive produced “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Contact,” described “Lost in America” as a “passion project,” drawing on her love for all things Korean, especially K-Pop. “K-Pop and K-culture have never been more in-demand. Combining CJ ENM’s globally recognized production capabilities with the brilliant minds of smash-hit creators Lynda Obst and JK Youn, we have no doubt that we will be able to showcase a very special movie that will appeal to a global audience and K-Pop fans alike,” said Lee, CJ’s vice chairwoman

This, of course, is completely insane as a plot because everything about a K-pop group making their American debut would overlorded by their company and with like 500 staff members tagging along or whatever, so the notion that they would be allowed to do anything that’s not watched, much less something like a road trip, is hilarious in itself.

But fuck, it’s a movie, don’t think too hard. While I’m inherently skeptical about K-pop based movie, I am rather excited to see who they cast and what the end product will be like. You know me, I bought Jessica’s books, for godsakes (STILL WAITING ON THE SECOND ONE JESS).


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